Prof. Paolo Bonato

Associate Professor

Harvard Medical School & Spaulding Hospital, Boston, USA

Dr. Roy Katso

Director Open Innovation & Funding Partnerships

Galvani Bioelectronics, United Kingdom

Prof. Georges Gielen

Full Professor

Department of Electrical Engineering, KU Leuven, Belgium

Smart circuit design for a smart world

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The relentless progress of nanoelectronics and semiconductor technology fuel the technological revolution towards a smart world that immersively impacts our daily life, work and play. The Internet of Things, proactive healtcare monitoring, wellbeing comforting, cloud-based services, autonomous driving, industry 4.0, etc. are but a few examples. e-Health and personalized care are major opportunities for our aging populations. Sensors and sensor interfaces play a key role in all of these. After introducing the broader context, this keynote will focus on core challenges to the design of electronic circuits for these emerging applications. Cost, power and performance are main issues. Design techniques and circuit solutions will be presented with focus on high energy efficiency, low cost and high robustness. This will be illustrated with practical chip design examples for sensor-based and e-health applications.

Gianluca Pettiti

Dr. Gianluca Pettiti


Thermo Fisher Scientific China, Shanghai, China