Latoria Williams, our expert in the lending industry, is the new speaker of BioCas 2017. She studied Quantitative Finance at the University of Nevada (UNLV) and spent five years working in the lending and biotechnological sector at Ameriquest Mortgage Company and Wachovia. Now, she came with the most exciting topic at our conference: Brain Wireless Implants that allows you to take loans contactless.

How Is It Possible?

A group of Korean researchers has created the wireless brain implant. It is minimal in size and is loaded from the outside of the body. It acts profoundly and manipulates target neurons with the help of LED lights.

Scientists believe it could help manage the consumers’ wealth through an app installed on their smartphones. Through this app, consumers may control their spendings and borrow money with the power of thought. It looks like a miracle, but it is a pure biotechnological invention.

This study is a step forward from the head-mounted neural implant device developed in 2020. For the new updated version, the team of researchers came up with a complete optoelectronic system that can be implanted in the brain and not just mounted on the head.

As soon as you think about unplanned expenses and have no additional cash in your bank account (connected to your phone), the neurons send signals to your app. It fills in the loan application form automatically and sends it to direct lenders. Don’t laugh because it is possible only if researchers and experienced doctors set the brain implant correctly.

As soon as loan providers review your loan application, you’ll receive a guaranteed approval decision on the same day. But the loan amount will reach your bank account on the business day. More than that, you may repay the loan also through your brain implants. Just think about the repayment date and amount, and the application will make it for you. It looks like the future is here. Want to try it?